April Update from Daisy!

The bright, warm days have melted the snow, as well as reminding us fellows of the busy season approaching us! This past month has brought lots of preparation for the summer. This has included seeding, transplanting, cleaning, and row preparation. The seeding and transplanting both involve a very delicate process; we don’t want broken stems or lost seeds! These tiny guys will be for sale at your local markets and restaurant dishes later in the summer. We have also been harvesting an abundance of our winter crops to sell. The salad mix is one of our biggest hits, and is extraordinarily tasteful!

Another priority has been the Future of Farming Conference on March 25th from 9:00 -4:30 pm. This conference was a wonderful learning opportunity for local farmers and food lovers. Several guest speakers enlightened community members on everything from growing, to climate change, to the food economy, and much more. Us fellows did a short presentation on our program and all of the wonderful ways we have benefited from it. This information at this conference was extremely eye opening. With May comes the rest of the application process, which includes hiring four new freshman as fellows who will start this summer. We gave a presentation to some freshman students on March 21st, and have been giving many applications out more recently. Soon, applications will be due!

Daisy Young


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