16 And Pregnant??

by Juliet Hunt

I know what you’re thinking, no this is not about a dramatic TV show. It’s actually some helpful info on our plants! A few weeks after planting our seedlings, we started to notice that the young cucumber plants were already producing, well, cucumbers. Instead of letting them grow on the immature plants, we had to pick them off. Why? Because we needed our plants to focus on growing fully before reproducing and creating cukes. This is important because our plants were in a state of stress from the planting process, they thought their only hope was to reproduce. So in short, our plants were just doing what they thought was necessary for their survival. However, our plants are in good care, so to insure that they grow healthfully and continue reproducing after maturing- we picked the premature cukes off. If we had left them on, it would be as if the plant was 16 and pregnant, in other words not ready for that next step of making little baby cukes.


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